Chairman of Larnaka Tourism Board (LTB) shares insights on the evolution of tourism

Chairman of Larnaka Tourism Board (LTB), Mr Dinos Lefkaritis, recently highlighted the ‘new way of thinking’ that places the environment and people at the heart of LTB’s projects – creating more sustainable experiences in combination with up-to-date digital practices for the new, eco-conscious, tech-savvy traveller.

LTB have pioneered a series of virtual experiences – such as online maps and tours – thus eliminating the requirement for printing consumables, and simultaneously creating a modern, sustainable way of enjoying the region’s culture, history and arts.

Many projects have won awards including three at the Cyprus Tourism Awards 2021 for its virtual experiences; a Gold for the ‘Larnaka Storytelling Statues’; Bronze for the ‘Ancient Port of Kition Virtual Reconstruction’ video, and Silver for the ‘Larnaka Virtual Museums’ platform, plus Larnaka was included as one of three candidate cities for the ‘European Destination of Excellence 2023’ title.

Plans for 2023 will build on these foundations. Projects include the ‘Enriching & Greening Larnaka’s Beaches’ – a programme that upgrades the coastal areas; improvement of the nature trails at Larnaka Salt Lake and in Choirokoitia; the creation of bee parks at the ‘Rural Larnaka Honey Villages’; further enrichment of the artificial reef; new Larnaka Virtual Museums and virtual reconstructions of archaeological sites; museum upgrades, and self-guided cultural tours.

“The prospects for tourism in Larnaka region are very encouraging for 2023,” said Mr Lefkaritis. “The new initiatives in the action plan show how LTB is adapting and moving with the times, and that locals, visitors and investors are all responding positively to this way of ‘rethinking’ tourism.”


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