Waterdrop Outdoor Water Purification Series: All-round Care for Safety of Water Drinking during Outdoor Trip or Camping

LOS ANGELES, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to outdoor trips, the first thing that comes to mind is Van life. Van life is a social movement of nomadic people who reject the way we are “told” to live and reappraise the really meaningful things in life. Van life represents freedom, travel, adventure, or minimalism. It starts a new lifestyle to allow people to live in harmony.

Waterdrop advocates healthy water drinking and is committed to creating a simple and environment-friendly lifestyle, and its outdoor water purification series will guard the safety of domestic water in your RV. Its specially designed RV water filter can be installed between your RV and a water faucet or hose on the campsite, and the inline water filter for RV can be rapidly installed within 5 minutes. With NSF-certified multi-stage filtration, the trailer water filter sufficiently meets multiple water purification demands for drinking, washing, bathing, and the like in your RV. Besides, the filter is provided with a 360° flexible hose and can flexibly rotate without any pressure.

Traveling in a van is a great way to see new places – all while bringing your house with you and continuing to work and live your life. Living in a van, you can change your plans at any time. When you find a place that you particularly like, you may want to stay longer. Then, Waterdrop Kingtank series are a better choice. The Waterdrop gravity-fed water filter system includes an upper chamber and a lower chamber, and the two chambers can be nested together, thereby saving more space. Its 2.25-gallon high capacity can meet water demands of multiple persons. Its visible water-level spigot allows you to observe the water level in real time and can remind you of filling it with water

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