Hate Packing for Summer Vacations? These Men Can Help

EVEN IN TODAY’S tumultuous travel climate, packing can be the most stressful part of any trip, whether you’re catching a flight to Mykonos or taking a road trip to Maine. But it needn’t be. It is, in fact, within your power to fill that hard-backed Rimowa with an appropriate number of reliable outfits—and the odd, shake-up-your-look accessory—to enjoy once you finally touch down in paradise. If you loathe packing, or find you never have quite what you need for the beach, the hiking trail or that overly fancy dinner, read on: We encouraged these seasoned globe-trotters to unzip their suitcases, duffel bags and dopp kits and reveal their top tips.

Devin Lucien, 40

DJ and music producer, Los Angeles

From left: Shoes, $190, Salomon.com; Bag, $45, TheNorthFace.com; Suitcase, $645, AwayTravel.com


Uli Knorzer (portrait)

Next vacation: Yosemite National Park, Calif.

Must-have bags: A silver Away suitcase and a black sling bag from the North Face for my passport, eye drops, lip balm, wallet and AirPods. I hate digging through my backpack.

Packing technique: I pack the night before and have it down to a science. I bring a few pairs of pants, white and black tees, vintage band tees and a short-sleeve Acne Studios button-up.

Go-to shoe: My Salomon XT-6s. They are comfortable and can be used for walking during the day, working out, hiking, and they’re stylish so I can wear them out at night.

Yosemite National Park, Calif.



George Hahn, 51

Content creator, New York

From left: Duffel Bag, $89, BoardingPassNYC.com; Wash & Stain Bar, $7, TheLaundress.com; Polo Shirt, $75, JCrew.com


Uli Knorzer (portrait)

Next vacation: Cape Cod, Mass.

Travel essentials: Tellason jeans, J.Crew polo shirts, a white Proper Cloth dress shirt and a navy Suitsupply suit. Soludos espadrilles and

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