Flexible travelers can find budget-friendly summer vacations

Summer travel plans have been met with sky-high prices that may be out of reach for some. However, resourceful travelers who can embrace flexibility are finding ways to enjoy a vacation and stay within budget.

Chelsea Hampshaw was worried that the surge in summer travel to Europe would make her family’s annual trip to London unaffordable. Then she spotted a deal.

“I was searching. We just weren’t gonna be able to go this year, flights were so expensive and so sparse. And so as soon as this popped up, it was like ‘Oh, I guess we can make this happen this year,'” Hampshaw said.

While it required a seven-hour drive from South Carolina to Washington’s Dulles Airport, a flight on a lesser-known airline and arrival at an airport 30 miles outside London, the family of six managed to save around $6,000.

“Pretty big difference,” Hampshaw said.

Airlines are creating some new options to help make European trips more affordable for their passengers.

Norse Atlantic Airways, a Norwegian low-cost carrier, just announced service from Washington in May. The airline offers both premium and economy class, allowing travelers to choose the price point and level of comfort and amenities they prefer.

Its first flight to London’s Gatwick Airport sold out, said Norse Atlantic CEO Bjorn Larsen.

Earlier this year, JetBlue announced that direct flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris would begin on June 29.

Overall, airfares to Europe are currently at a six-year high, averaging about $1,200 per person, according to Hopper, a travel website.

Hotel prices are also up, with a 37% increase compared to last year, especially in popular destinations like Rome and Madrid.

But despite the inflationary pressures affecting travel plans for many, AAA still anticipated a summer

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Post-Pandemic, Inspiring Vacations Says the Travel Industry is Adapting to New Trends Driven by a Demand for Adventure

As the travel industry rebounds from the pandemic, there is a growing demand for adventure and exploration, with travellers eager to embark on unique journeys.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 25, 2023 / Inspiring Vacations, a leading tour operator offering adventures around the world, including tours to Egypt and tours of Cape York, is proud to present the latest travel trends for 2023 and beyond.

Inspiring Vacations

Inspiring Vacations
Inspiring Vacations

Post-lockdown, travellers are seeking authentic and off-the-beaten-path experiences, leading to the rise of expedition holidays. Inspiring Vacations explains adventurers are drawn to explore uncharted territories and immerse themselves in the wonders of the world.

According to Inspiring Vacations, travellers are eager to fulfill their long-awaited bucket list dreams, with the tour operator experiencing a surge in bookings for popular destinations such as the US, Canada and Australia, as well as previously inaccessible locations, with tours to Cape York proving particularly popular.

Inspiring Vacations says the pandemic has reminded everyone of the importance of seizing the opportunity to explore the world, and now is the time to embark on those once-in-a-lifetime journeys.

In an era of heightened environmental awareness, travellers are increasingly conscious of their impact on the planet. Inspiring Vacations recognises this concern and is dedicated to providing sustainable travel options.

The cruise industry is at the forefront of this movement, with greener fuels, advanced wastewater management systems and streamlined hull designs that reduce fuel consumption being introduced.

Technological advancements in cruise ships have revolutionised travel possibilities, allowing passengers to cover greater distances in shorter timeframes. With hydrodynamic hull designs and efficient propulsion systems, modern vessels can sail comfortably at speeds exceeding 20 knots, enabling travellers to explore Scandinavian and Mediterranean destinations with ease.

Inspiring Vacations ensures every moment counts, providing travellers with ample time to immerse themselves in each

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OFF ON AN ADVENTURE: is the travel industry evolving? Lottie John-DAOS


But is this new fad here to stay? With cheap flights to the continent available once more, people have already begun to enjoy city breaks, weekends away and family getaways. This demand is constantly growing, which has left British hoteliers almost exactly where they were before the pandemic. So what are the downsides to an at-home holiday? And could these really be a dealbreaker for holidaymakers?


British holidays are expensive; let’s face it. Once you’ve paid for the fuel/ public transport and taxis to get you to the opposite end of the nation, you’ve exhausted yourself and your pockets as much as a trip to the airport would. As we also tend to spend more time indoors in cooler climes, property costs a fair bit more than anticipated at home too. And what to do with your time? Without waterparks and white-sand beaches, you can tour the local villages and natural attractions before ending back at your accommodation for 4pm; unless, of course , you want to pay for an unexpectedly expensive meal out as well. Oh, and did I mention? It will probably rain a bit…


Yet what  could the government do to incentivise staying in the UK? An increase in the taxes placed on international travel, or maybe reduced VAT for domestic holidays would, of course, be beneficial, but the real issue lies with what we, as consumers and holidaymakers, want from a break. After being cooped up in often stifling office and academic environments all year, we immediately think of a summer spent basking on a sun lounger. But what if we altered this expectation?


Although COVID was initially the ultimate reason for staying close to home, many have also considered the environmental struggle of whether or not to take an aeroplane. A flight from London to

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Travellosa Bringing Travelers, Adventure Seekers, and Mobile Businesspeople Affordable Flight, Car Rental, and Hotel Deals

Travellosa is a premier American provider of travel booking services, connecting its clients with the leading flight services, vehicle rental agencies, and hotel managers, offering the best deals in the hospitality industry.

Traveling abroad is a necessity for some, enjoyment for others, and in today’s times, a luxury for most. Global inflation rates have affected both the spending power of consumers and the prices of companies operating in the travel industry. 

Travellosa, a premier American travel company came to the scene to enable people wishing to travel without breaking the bank to find affordable plane tickets, lodging options, and vehicle rentals. 

The main advantage Travellosa offers to its customers is access to the best and cheapest travel deals, offered in partnership with the leading enterprises and companies working in the travel & hospitality space. 

Travellosa’s spokesperson conveyed that this firm is on a mission to ensure its customers have options that are as affordable as they are diverse. By leveraging years of combined experience, Travellosa’s experts are able to create exquisite bespoke travel packages capable of catering to the needs of each client, stating the following:

“We aim to offer our customers a variety of the latest hotels and the best flight deals. We’ve come a long way, so we know exactly which direction to take when supplying you with high quality yet budget-friendly products. We offer all of this while providing excellent customer service and friendly support,” the company’s spokesperson said.

Travellosa is streamlining the way travelers pick their flights and hotels by offering a comprehensive on-page search tool. All of the company’s customers can use this free tool to input the desired starting location, destination, departure & return dates, flight class, and the number of passengers. 

Strategic partnerships with flight, hotel and car rental providers across all compass

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Spotlight on Vanessa Titulaer, the experienced travel writer helping family travelers plan epic adventures through her travel blog Vannys Wanderlust

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Mar 06, 2023 (AB Digital via COMTEX) —

Safe to say that many people are reconnecting with the outdoors after the series of lockdowns and quarantines across the world. Soon as the world reopened, travel plans began, and popular travel destinations became crowded and overly booked, leaving many people to wonder where else to go. With airfares, hotel, destination, and activity prices skyrocketing, traveling on a budget is becoming increasingly popular.

Vanessa Titulaer, popularly known as Vanny, is an expert at finding hidden gems and sharing them with her audience. The travel writer and content creator has built a social media following and successful blog, Vannys Wanderlust, encouraging people to enjoy the wonders of non-mainstream destinations. What’s more, these destinations offer incredible experiences at affordable prices.

Vanny has been traveling to little tucked-away destinations that offer the best of cuisine, culture, and adventure for years. As a family traveler, she understands the common challenges that family travel presents, so she created Vannys Wanderlust. Vanny has channeled her adventurous spirit into travel writing and content creation.

Vannys Wanderlust offers a one-stop platform for valuable travel advice, from destinations to itineraries. Vanny has built a reputation as the go-to travel expert for hidden gems and providing in-depth information and resources for family travelers.

With more than 20,000 followers on Instagram and a fast-rising travel blog, Vanny’s freelance travel blogging career continues to grow. Her passion for travel and adventure shines through her carefully created blog pieces that offer valuable insight into travel for families and individuals. Besides helping people discover destinations, Vannys Wanderlust also partners with brands and destinations to showcase their products and provide detailed authentic reviews, complete with photography, videos, and social media campaigns.

When Vanny

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Ageless adventures: 5 fun and memorable travel ideas for senior citizens | Travel

Who says travel is just for the young? Age is just a number, and there’s no reason why seniors can’t embark on fun and adventurous trips to explore new destinations, make memories, and enjoy life to the fullest. Today everyone is breaking the shackles of stereotypes and accepting the fact that age is just a number. Fun is fun, regardless of the age group. Just because outdoor activities are labelled as perfect for a certain age group, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t be enjoyed by people outside of that age range. A minimum level of physical and a lot of mental strength is all you need to head on a rejuvenating adventure trip. From hiking in the mountains to cruising down a river, there are plenty of travel options that cater to the active and adventurous senior traveler. (Also read: Travel therapy: Amazing benefits of travelling for senior citizens )

travel options that cater to the active and adventurous senior traveler. (Pexels )” title=”From hiking in the mountains to cruising down a river, there are plenty of travel options that cater to the active and adventurous senior traveler. (Pexels )”/
From hiking in the mountains to cruising down a river, there are plenty of travel options that cater to the active and adventurous senior traveler. (Pexels )senior traveler. (Pexels )”/
From hiking in the mountains to cruising down a river, there are plenty of travel options that cater to the active and adventurous senior traveler. (Pexels )

Deepu, Co- Founder, Senior World, shared with HT Lifestyle, some fun and adventurous activities that can be enjoyed freely by all age groups.

1. River rafting: The thrill and excitement of riding the gushing waves of the river that flows with full force are second to none and can easily refresh one’s mood. Rishikesh & Bhutan are some of the popular budget destinations.

2. Camel safaris: Whether it is camel riding at the world-famous Giza

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It’s back! Join Wanderlust at Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show in London

You’ll also have the chance to hear from the Wanderlust team about the 2023 Editors’ Hot List, when they take to the Travel Stage for two sessions. On Thursday 2 February at 1pm and Saturday 4 February at 12.15pm, our panel of Wanderlust editors will be chatting about their stand-out destinations for the year ahead, and what makes these places so special for 2023. Editor-in-Chief George Kipouros, Founding Editor Lyn Hughes, Special Features Editor Rosie Fitzgerald, Digital Editor Jessica Reid and Marketing & Social Media Manager Christina Mullett will be among the panel.

Another unmissable event on the Travel Stage will see Lyn Hughes have an exclusive Q&A with Simon Calder, one of the UK’s leading travel journalists and commentators. This will take place on Friday 3 February at 1pm, where Lyn will be grilling Simon about what you should do about everything from delayed flights to losing your luggage, as well as taking questions from the audience. Lyn will also be catching up with journalist Meera Dattani and Wanderlust’s brand-new sustainability editor Karen Edwards about all things sustainability in travel on Sunday 5 February at 1pm, again on the Travel Stage.

We are also offering a special opportunity for visitors to have an immersive experience Wanderlust MetaTravel. Click wanderlust-travel-media”here to book in in your time slot for free, and get ready to be transported across the world through the power of virtual reality.

Finally, Wanderlust will have our very own stand at the show next to the Photo of the Year gallery, so make sure to come along and say hello. We look forward to meeting many of our readers – both old and new!

Get your complimentary tickets (with only a £1.50 booking fee) to the show at destinationsshow.com, using the code

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Travel Tip – Do I need TSA PreCheck? | 960 The Patriot

It’s me again your friendly neighborhood travel expert. If you’ve ever enjoyed (or turned your nose up at) one of my travel tip articles, you may have noticed how I sign off. 

“I’m ‘Erik The Travel Guy’ Hastings and I’ll see you in line at security.”

Now, why would I do that? I’m sure you can imagine. It’s because we’ve all been there. Not only that but, if you travel frequently, you’ve been there AND sweating – watching the seconds click on by as time marches closer to you being stuck on the wrong side of the door at your departure gate. It’s in those moments where you might notice the carefree travelers strolling by you in the TSA PreCheck lane and you think to yourself, “I gotta do that! Why didn’t I do that? It’s not even that expensive! Why won’t this lady move two feet closer to the man in front of her? Aaaagggh!

Well here’s your answer to why and – more importantly- why not to get TSA PreCheck. Four reasons to pull the trigger and three to stay undercover. Let’s go!



    If you are on the go even more than once a year, then getting your TSA PreCheck is worth it. Time is so precious. Let’s not waste it standing in close proximity for way too long to our fellow cranky human cargo. 


    Did you know Global Entry includes TSA PreCheck? For those who don’t know, Global Entry is the international version of TSA PreCheck and let me tell you, if you grind your gears in line at your local airport, just wait until you’re doing so waiting to get back into the good ole’ USA! If you have a passport, then get Global Entry and TSA PreCheck will make

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flydubai launches daily flights to Mogadishu


Photo used for illustrative purpose.

flydubai, the Dubai-based airline, announced today the launch of a daily service to Mogadishu Aden Adde International Airport (MGQ) from 9th March 2023.

The carrier will double the frequency of flights from 1st June, 2023, making it the first carrier to connect Somalia directly with Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Hamad Obaidalla, Chief Commercial Officer at flydubai, said, “We continue to look for opportunities to grow our network in East Africa and open up underserved markets. This region has seen significant economic growth and development in recent years, our direct flights will further stimulate the economy and help create free flows of travel and trade.”

With the start of flights to Mogadishu, flydubai expands its network in Africa to 11 destinations, providing passengers from the UAE and the region with more convenient options for travel. This includes Addis Ababa, Alexandria, Asmara, Dar es Salaam, Djibouti, Entebbe, Hargeisa, Khartoum, Juba and Zanzibar.

Sudhir Sreedharan, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations (UAE, GCC, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent) at flydubai, said, “flydubai will offer convenient and reliable travel services between both countries. This route will be operated by our fleet of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, offering customers the comfort of our Business Class cabin or a more customised experience in Economy Class. We are looking forward to doubling our frequency to Somalia from 1st June, 2023 and further connecting the market to Dubai and beyond.”


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Spirit’s Valentine’s Day Sale Has $44 Flights Until Tomorrow

Travelers have until midnight to book.

<p>Courtesy of Spirit Airlines</p>

Courtesy of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is in a loving state of mind with a Valentine’s Day sale that has flights starting as low as $44 each way.

The sale, which can be booked from 10 a.m. ET on Feb. 14 to 11:59 p.m. ET on Feb. 15, is available for travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Feb. 21 through May 3, the airline shared with Travel + Leisure. Travelers must purchase at least a week before they plan to fly.

“We wanted to treat our Guests with deals on flights and vacation packages they are destined to love,” Lania Rittenhouse, the vice president of guest experience, brand and communications for Spirit Airlines, said in a statement shared with T+L. “For gift givers with memorable experiences in mind, travel is always a great opportunity to explore a new destination and culture together.”

Fly from Atlanta to Chicago, Boston to Miami, Dallas to Philadelphia, Denver to Los Angeles, New Orleans to Las Vegas, New York to Houston, and more starting at just $44. Or splurge a bit on a trip from Tampa to Atlantic City, which starts at $75, or from Orlando to Salt Lake City, which starts at $105.

Travelers who are members of the airline’s Spirit Saver$ Club can access these flights starting even lower at only $34. The membership, which costs $69.95 per year, also comes with up to 50% off checked and carry-on bags, less expensive seat selection, discounted shortcut security, and discounted shortcut boarding.

Spirit Airlines typically offers bare-bones tickets for super low prices and charges for add-ons like seat assignments and luggage. The Florida-based carrier operates about 500 flights every day and flies to more than 60 destinations within the United States, Latin America, and the

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