Total Tranmere – Like the night before Crimbo

By Bobby Ellis
July 29 2022

Here we are then, a new season awaits. Starting a bit early this year, and there’s the weird bit where we have no League matches whilst the World Cup is on, but tomorrow we go again. The waiting is over, and I for one am as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting much. I don’t even want to say where we will finish, or even if we will come away with a result against those footballing giants Stevenage. No, for the moment none of that matters, what matters is football is back. 

Haven’t we all been here before? We spend the summer, firstly waiting for the fixtures to come out and then contemplating the matches ahead. We are like dieters set free from our restrictions now. We can get to the ground early if we want, sink a few jars, go in the fan zone, look at the newly, slightly refurbished, Aldo’s. Take our seats early, watch the players warm up, trying to work out which of the new signings are a genius stroke, and those that will end up giving us a stroke. The weather will be warm, t-shirts not winter coats, and the season ahead will stretch out in front of us like a long distance road trip. It’s a marathon not a sprint, but if we win on Saturday everybody will hail a new dawn. If we get beat depression will sink in, another 22 home games to endure. Neither response is right or rational, but let’s face it, supporting Rovers isn’t really a sane choice. As Leonard Cohen sang, ‘ I’ve got you like a habit, and I never wanna stop’. 

Then there are the away matches, glamorous trips to Barrow,

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