Here’s How To Save Money On Flights, According To TikTok Travel Influencers

After two years of travel uncertainty, airlines are finally back in action, and those plane tickets you’ve been manifesting are patiently waiting to be claimed by you. The world is your oyster, and you can finally go anywhere you want — if you can afford the fares, of course. Even though travel options are open again, that doesn’t mean ticket prices haven’t been inflated, in addition to add-on travel costs like gas and food. It seems daunting to travel on a small budget, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your dream of embarking on life-changing adventures. Here’s how to save money on flights, straight from TikTok travel influencers who’ve nailed the best travel hacks out there.

Traveling is never really stress-free, which is why planning — especially with your travel budget — is so vital. It starts when you go to research your tickets, and if you do it right, you can save hundreds of dollars before you even fly. Luckily, the popular app has got your back with plenty of TikTok travel hacks to navigate the cheapest ticket possible for your next big trip. There are tons of tips, from how to save money on international flights to how to claim money the airline owes you for inconvenient delays. Browse through these TikTok flight hacks and use the extra money you save for souvenirs, amazing food, and experiences you’ll remember forever.

Use A Private Window Or VPN When Researching Flights

Whenever you search for plane tickets, TikTok user @trendytraveler recommends always using a private browser window or turning on “incognito” mode. This will block sites from tracing your cookies and raising prices based on your search interests.

She says it’s smart to use Virtual Private Network or VPN so airline sites can’t see the location you are searching from.

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Viral hollow pillow travel hack backfires after TikTok fail


One woman clocked more than 25 million impressions on her clip of the pillow hack. Photo, Screengrab TikTok/nolimitua

A sneaky travel hack is making the rounds on social media, but not everyone is impressed by it.

The viral act shows passengers stuffing their empty pillow case with clothes and then showing themselves successfully making it onto the aircraft without being stopped by cabin crew.

One TikTok user said the cheeky act saved her €80 ($120) in baggage fees.

“We tried the airport pillow hack,” she said as footage showed her walking through a terminal.


She managed to get an extra 6kg onto the flight by loading her square-shaped pillow case with extra clothes. Her clip has had more than 3.3 million views.

Another travel blogger showed how she also got away with the act by sharing a viral clip clutching onto a clothes-filled pillow case on the plane.

An 'airport pillow hack' has gone viral on TikTok. Photo / TikTok,travelwithivon
An ‘airport pillow hack’ has gone viral on TikTok. Photo / TikTok,travelwithivon

One passenger, who’s clip has been viewed a whopping 25.1 million times, described it as the “best travel hack ever”.

“Pillow flies for free,” she added, as she stuffed the case with clothes.

The hack has prompted some to give it a go, saying it is “genius”.

“We are travelling from Canada to Mexico and I want to try this especially because we are bringing the children,” one person commented.

“OMG this is another level – got [to] try this one,” another added, while a third wrote: “Smart move.”

However, not everyone was impressed, with some describing it as “embarrassing”.

Many have shared clips successfully getting away with the hack. Photo / Screengrab, TikTok,
Many have shared clips successfully getting away with the hack. Photo / Screengrab, TikTok,

“Nah I’d rather pay the extra weight and save

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Google Translate menu hack leaves TikTok user ‘blown away’

A British woman currently vacationing in Turkey was left “blown away” after discovering what she described as the “best travel hack”.

Nguyen, who goes by the handle ‘itsgnochgnoch’ on TikTok, was out at a restaurant when staff told her they didn’t have any English versions of their menu.

It didn’t phase the food and travel influencer who instead just used her Google Translate app.

However, in her now-viral clip, Nguyen said she came across something in the app she had never seen before.

“Oh my God guys. My mind has been blown,” she said in the TikTok.

“I’m at a restaurant at the moment and they don’t do an English menu and they don’t speak a lot of English either. So and I was like, ‘It’s fine, I’ll just put it in my Google Translate.’

Travel influencer Nguyen had her mind blown after she discovered a new feature on Google Translate.

“I went and downloaded the app for convenience for the rest of the trip and then I saw a little feature.”

She noticed there was a camera symbol in the app.

She clicked on it which then opened the camera on her phone and just hovered her device over the menu.

“Excuse me – what? Literally, it translates everything within seconds. Like how sick is that? I’m literally so excited about this feature that I’m slowing up my words.”

Nguyen was dining at a restaurant in Turkey that didn’t have English menus.

She asked viewers if they had known about it, adding it is “such a good travel hack”.

“You guys need to get on this and thank me later,” she joked.

Her video has amassed more than 895,000 views with many agreeing they too had no idea about it.

“Don’t worry, you’re not the

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