Super Bowl hotel rates have skyrocket. What can you get instead?

There are a little more than two weeks from the Super Bowl in Phoenix, and prices are high while vacancies are low.

PHOENIX — In two weeks, Super Bowl LVII will kick off in Glendale.

The event attracts glitz and glamour from all over the world. The number of hotel rooms available for the weekend is already starting to run low. What are the prices for the few rooms remaining? Astronomically high.

Prices do change, but at the time of writing, Motel 6 of 51st Avenue, just north of Interstate 10, will leave the light on for you if you pay $850 bucks a night.

A room at the Best Western Hotel off Interstate 17 near Castles and Coasters will set you back nearly $1,150 a night.

A three-night stay during Super Bowl Weekend at a Holiday Inn Express would require you to fork over $5,640 for the weekend for an average of $1,614 per night.

Or… for the cost of one pre-Super Bowl night at the Holiday Inn Express

On a normal night, you could have a one-night stay at the 5-diamond Phoenician ($799 w/ resort fees) resort, play a round of golf ($229) on the property, follow it up with a $215 massage, and for dinner have a $150 bottle of wine, a salad ($16), a side ($12), and a Wagyu Tomahawk steak ($155). What is the total for your day of luxury? $1,576.

“Five hundred percent, a 1,000% premium, we’ve seen people pay before.” Steve Schwab, CEO of Casago, said.
Casago is a vacation rental management company. The reason prices can jump so much is because of what is known as dynamic pricing.

Currently, Ticketmaster is getting some flack on Capitol Hill for its use in selling tickets.

Simply put, dynamic pricing tries to find

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TSA Issues Tips for Super Bowl Fans and Post-Weekend Travel Rush

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is hosting some special guests this week who are helping to keep the public safe and secure leading up to and in the days after Super Bowl LVII.

More than 25 TSA explosive detection canines and their TSA handlers are in Phoenix to assist in security operations at key venues at PHX and throughout the Valley of the Sun. These working canines are specially trained to detect explosives and explosive components. Some of the teams work regularly at PHX while others have come from airports from across the country.

At the airport, TSA’s use of explosive detection canines significantly enhances the efficiency of the security screening process, serving as an added layer of security. Away from the airport, the dogs can work in a variety of locations and use their keen sense of smell to augment existing security efforts.

The canines have been trained to navigate among large groups of people to pinpoint the source of an explosive odor, often without the source being aware and even if the source is mobile. The handlers are trained to read the dog’s behavior when it indicates an explosive scent has been detected. If a dog alerts its handler to something suspicious, TSA follows an established procedure to resolve the alarm.

TSA’s canines are regularly tested to ensure they maintain excellent scent capabilities. While they are sociable, they are working canines so they should not be petted or fed by anyone except their handlers.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has classified Super Bowl LVII as a Special Event Assessment Rating (SEAR) Level 1, which qualifies it for extensive federal support. More than 650 DHS personnel are currently involved in dedicated security operations in and around the Phoenix area.


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