I’m a travel pro and here’s my ultimate hack – it’s a ‘game changer’

A TRAVEL pro has revealed a handy hack that’s a “game changer”.

Ellen Grace, who posts on TikTok under the username @Whereisellengrace, shared a video of a cheap trick that she uses when travelling anywhere in the world.

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Irish travel expert reveals a simple packing hack that can be done anywhere in the worldCredit: https://www.tiktok.com/@whereisellengrace
Ellen revealed her tips to booking the cheapest flights


Ellen revealed her tips to booking the cheapest flightsCredit: PA:Press Association

The simple packing trick allows you to always have multiple sockets to plug in your chargers and accessories into, no matter where in the world you travel to.

Ellen said: “Okay, so traveling tip if you’re from UK, Ireland and you’re traveling around Europe, bring on extension lead and then bring your adapters.

“And then so you just plug your extension into your adapter and then you have all this for your chargers, hair straighteners, everything – so you don’t have to bring a load of them.”

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Ellen told the Irish Sun: “I always use old Shein bags or plastic bags to organise my outfits for a trip.

“So each bag has a days outfit.”

When packing it can be difficult to cut down on liquids.

She said: “Try bringing a shampoo bar and conditioner to cut down.”

The travel lover warned people not to book through a third party website because it can be “very hard to get your money back if anything goes wrong”.

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