Global Entry Travelers Have 24-Month Renewal Grace Period

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is giving international travelers more time to use their current Global Entry membership while they wait for a renewal. Global Entry is a program that allows preapproved travelers to use automatic kiosks at select airports to speed through customs when they arrive in the U.S. It also includes TSA PreCheck benefits when flying domestically.

Previously, there was an automatic six-month extension if Global Entry members had reapplied but hadn’t yet been approved by their expiration date. That grace period has now been extended to 24 months because of the volume of applications. The extension of Global Entry benefits may give people more peace of mind that they can still travel without the hassle of waiting in long lines getting back into the U.S.

Here’s what you should know about Global Entry right now.

How to qualify for the 24-month grace period

First, you must already be a current Global Entry member. You’ll become eligible to renew one year prior to your membership expiration date. (Membership lasts five years after you’re approved.)

It’s imperative to submit a renewal application before your current membership expires to take advantage of the extended grace period. Travelers arriving in the U.S. during this grace period don’t need to show any special documents to use Global Entry lanes.

Will you have to interview again if you’re renewing your Global Entry membership?

You might not have to interview again if you already have a Global Entry membership. Some renewing applicants might need another interview if there are any major changes to your account, like a name change.

Certain Global Entry Enrollment Centers don’t have any available appointments until next year, so renewing applicants might have to wait months before completing the in-person interview step of the process.

Is there a grace period

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