Extinction Rebellion blocks Luton Airport private jet terminal calling for tax on flights | UK | News

Extinction Rebellion has blocked the private jet terminal at Luton Airport as protesters call for excessive flights to be taxed. The environmental group’s iconic blue boat named Polly Higgins is blocking all three gates to the airport’s Signature Terminal with protesters “locked” on to the deck and hull of the boat. A second group of protesters have barricaded themselves to the entrance to the Harrods Aviation Terminal, with activists locked onto two oil barrels.

Several other protesters have gathered at both terminals dressed in hi-vis jackets. They have been pictured holding flags and banners in the style of airport signs, and wearing pink vests reading “LOVE IN ACTION”.

Extinction Rebellion, as well as groups affiliated with it, are demanding the UK Government “take urgent action to ban private jets, tax frequent flyers and make wealthy polluters pay“.

IOt said said this morning’s protest is part of a global co-ordinated action launched last week by climate activists across 11 countries, which is targeting several sites in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

Extinction Rebellion added groups have decided to take action on the road leading to Luton Airport due to the “rise in the use of private jet flights for supposedly romantic Valentine’s Day dates”.

The group is also urging people to go to Parliament on April 21 to join 100,000 people calling for a citizen-led transition away from fossil fuels.

Today’s protest outside Luton Airport is part of an ongoing “Make Them Pay” campaign by Scientist Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion and Stay Grounded.

The trio have three “key demands”: ban private jets, tax frequent flyers and make polluters pay.

Todd Smith, a former airline pilot-turned climate activist, said: “Valentine’s Day should not have to cost the Earth, or the taxpayer. The people want a ban on private jets,

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