Are the opinions of others negatively swaying British vacations and life choices?

Many British people have been found to turn to the thoughts of others to help decide their next holiday trip.
Borja Suarez/Reuters

New research released by leading travel search engine, KAYAK. has provided insight into the decision-making of the British public and indicated how the opinions of others often lead to them following them. This applies to the landscape of life and travel plans.

KAYAK’s ‘The World of Opinions 2023’ study was conducted so the relationship between travel, opinions plus people and world perspectives could be examined. The research was conducted by Norstat, who was representing Kayak, with 1007 British adults from the ages of 18-75 and the data was obtained via an online survey throughout May 2023.

Decision-making amongst Brits has been shown to cause conundrums to them as according to Noom, they average 122 decisions each day, with them prone to changing their minds.

One of the main findings revealed in KAYAK’s research was that 69 per cent of British adults allow their next holiday destination to some degree to be based on what friends, family or others advise. Also, 24 per cent were revealed to have cancelled and completely dropped a holiday suggestion they were keen on due to the opinion of another individual swaying them away from it.

Interestingly, the report displayed how trusting others is likely not even worth doing so as plenty of Brits have claimed that their vacation has not been satisfactory when seeking others’ opinions. This is as 82 per cent of British adults reported that the recommended holiday trip they went on was not to the same standard as when it was pitched to them.

Holidays are amongst the main priorities for many people in Britain currently as a survey by Advantage Travel Partnership, which included 2000 British participants, highlighted how

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A Shorter Wait at RDU Airport for Those Willing to Provide Fingerprints and Eye Scans

CLEAR, a company that uses eye scans and fingerprints to verify people’s identification and let them bypass a step at airport security checkpoints, has come to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

CLEAR kiosks are now found outside Transportation Security Administration checkpoints in both terminals at RDU. Travelers who create a company profile using an ID and their biometric information can check in at the kiosks and avoid having to wait in line to show identification to a TSA agent.

Those who pass through the CLEAR lane can go straight to the TSA screening area, but membership in CLEAR is not a substitute for going through the checkpoint. It’s also not the same as the TSA PreCheck program, which screens people in advance and puts them in a database that allows them to go through a different checkpoint lane with a shorter line and faster screening process.

CLEAR members pay $16 per month, billed annually, though there are discounts for veterans, active military, some government officials and people with certain credit cards or airline miles programs. Kids under 18 are free, if they’re with an adult member.

RDU becomes the 50th airport in the country to offer CLEAR; others include nine of the top 10 destinations for RDU passengers. Kasra Moshkani, executive vice president for operations, said the company could see that a significant number of its members were flying through RDU every day.

“We also get a ton of requests from existing members, tens of thousands who already actually live in the Research Triangle area, to come to Raleigh-Durham,” Moshkani said in an interview.

People can enroll in CLEAR at one set of kiosks at the airport. A company employee, called an ambassador, will walk them through the process, which includes iris and fingerprint scans and a scan of

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5 simple date ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day and people are rushing to find the ideal way to celebrate and appreciate their loved ones. Going on a date is regarded as one of the best ways to spend the special occasion! While a fancy dinner at Cafe Aylanto may be a perfect date night for some, for others a peaceful walk in the park, away from all judgmental stares would suffice for an unforgettable getaway.

In the end, this day is all about cherishing the people around you. So, to help you out, we have compiled five affordable and simple date ideas.

1. The five-in-one plan

Rather than spending a bulk of cash on a single fancy dinner, it’s better to spend the entire day with your beloved. Here’s the vision: you plan out a lovely picnic, meet your beau at a nearby park and sit under the gentle breeze all evening. But, that’s not all! On this date, you can later go home and watch a movie together while ordering or cooking dinner. The idea is to do activities that both of you enjoy together.

If you’re a foodie couple, this plan is bound to appeal to both of you. We also recommend parks that are less crowded and have more privacy. In the modern era, if spending time at home isn’t feasible, then the recent introduction of Air BnBs is your second-best choice.

2. The Millennial love

Word has it that some couples fancy playing games together! Well, for all the arcade lovers, we recommend any of these spots: Sindhbad Wonderland, Gameplex, Warriors Gaming Lounge and GENZ Gaming Zone in Karachi.

For outdoorsy adventurers, the best places to hang out are Bahria Adventureland Theme Park and Chunky Monkey. Even though these options might not be reasonable to everyone, they are

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Canadians advised to be prepared for busy vacation season in light of Christmas flight frustrations

It’s expected to be a very busy spring break and summer vacation air travel season and experts are telling Canadian fliers to be prepared.

Katie Kewley, the Alberta leisure manager with Direct Travel, told Global News she’s been very busy booking vacations for Canadians who, in some cases, will be flying for the first time in years.

“It’s been three years since these people have had their family vacations,” she said. “It’s booming.”

“If you haven’t booked your holidays yet, even for the summer, you definitely should be looking at it.”

Kewley added while fliers have voiced concerns over the chaos during the Christmas holiday season, she doesn’t believe the upcoming season will be as chaotic.

Still, she said travellers should really look at what their purchasing — including the airline they’re choosing.

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“How many planes are going into a certain destination per day?” she advises people question.

“If one does happen to have certain mechanical failure or weather delay, is there options avail to get them off the ground on the same day? Or are you working with a company that only goes once a week?”

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Flight delays, cancellations cripple Alberta’s two big airports

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Travel insurance should also be a big consideration, according to Kewley. She said that can also vary widely and consumers should pick the right airline or vacation package that provides options — including outright cancellations.

“Do you want to be able to cancel for any reason? That’s a big thing for some people,” she pointed out. “There are rules around that but absolutely, as long as you are clear and know what your policy holds, yes there’s absolutely ‘cancel for no reason’ policies.”

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TikTok ‘travel hack’ blamed by major airport chief for delaying disabled passengers

A travel hack popularized on social media is causing some disabled passengers to wait even longer to board a plane at London’s Heathrow airport.

Whether it’s hour-long lines to check in or flights canceled at short notice, the first major summer travel season after COVID struck has found a gutted aviation industry on its knees unable to meet needs due to mass headcount reductions over the past two years.

Making matters worse however is a surge in demand for passengers requiring support, not because they are physically challenged, but because some are breaking rules designed to reduce the strain of traveling on the less able-bodied.

“People are using the wheelchair support to try to get fast tracked through the airport,” Heathrow Airport boss John Holland-Kaye told London’s LBC. “If you go on TikTok, you’ll see that is one of the travel hacks people are recommending. Please don’t do that, we need to protect the service for the people who need it most.”


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The UK is ground zero of Europe’s summer travel chaos as staffing issues have become particularly acute.

Following the country’s decision to end freedom of movement, companies can no longer easily recruit temporary workers from EU countries next door, as well as those non-EU countries that are part of the Single Market such as Norway.

Brexit may also be behind miles and miles of summer travellers queuing in their cars at England’s Dover or Folkestone for hours on end travel-chaos-eurotunnel-channel-delays” data-ylk=”slk:to enter France” class=”link “to enter France, an problem that has received

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Never Use This TikTok Travel ‘Hack’

A “travel hack” is currently going viral on TikTok, promising to reliably get you to the front of the line when you’re boarding a flight and/or let you pass to the front of customs security lines. I’m not going to share the videos, because they’re trash, but it works like this: You pretend you’re injured, even going as far as saying you need a wheelchair. The airline isn’t going to call you a liar; they’re going to load you in a wheelchair and push you to the front of the line so you can pre-board and use up all the carry-on space. Sometimes they’ll hustle you past that long line at security, too. This is what is known as an arsehole move.

Pretending to need disability accommodations is great for you, but not for the people who actually need the wheelchair you’re sitting in, and not for the people you just hopped in front of. If you take advantage of others like this, you’re being a bad person.

Yet apparently there are a lot of bad people out there. Feigning injury has become so popular that Heathrow Airport’s CEO John Holland-Kaye named it as one of the reasons Heathrow has been such a nightmare for travellers lately.

“For passengers requiring wheelchair support, we have had more demand than we’ve had before the pandemic. Some of this is because people are using the wheelchair support to get fast tracked through the airport,” airport-chaos/”Holland-Kaye told London Broadcast Company. “That’s absolutely the wrong thing to be doing. We need to protect that for the people who most need help,” he added.

I don’t usually agree with CEOs who blame their company’s problems on consumers, but in this case, I’m making an exception, even if part of the problem is undoubtedly

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Heathrow boss says TikTok wheelchair ‘travel hack’ to blame for additional airport delays: Reports

The chief of Heathrow Airport has blamed a popular TikTok “travel hack” for additional delays, due to passengers pretending to be disabled or injured in order to skip queues.

Speaking to LBC Radio on Monday (Jul 25), Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said there has been more demand for wheelchair support at the airport compared to pre-pandemic times.

“Some of this is because people are using the wheelchair support to try to get fast-tracked through the airport. That is absolutely the wrong thing to be doing.”

When asked if some people were abusing the rules by pretending they needed wheelchair assistance, Mr Holland-Kaye confirmed it and pointed to supposed “travel hacks” that were being recommended on TikTok. 

“Please don’t do that, we need to protect the service for the people who need it most.”

In a TikTok video posted in June, user WolfJenko said that he pretended to be injured in order to get through airport security faster.

“Faked hurting my leg to get through security faster and onto the plane back from Ibiza,” he wrote in a video caption. 

The video also showed him being pushed on a wheelchair through airport security, bypassing snaking lines of other passengers. He also said he had an entire row of seats on the flight to himself.

According to the Telegraph, the man was a 28-year-old student who had travelled from Turkey to Bristol.

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Tik Toker slammed for scamming airport disability support with ‘travel hack’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Multiple social media users have been taking to the platform to share their “travel hacks” to board a plane faster including faking an injury to receive a wheelchair. Broadcaster Henry Bonsu told the Jeremy Vine show: “It’s not good at all because for who genuinely are disabled like Frank Gardener, the BBC’s security correspondent. There aren’t enough people to help him with his issues. Look at what people are saying at Heathrow and Luton.

“The number of people who are asking for help is going through the roof.

“It’s way more than during the pandemic. The question is, what’s behind it?

“Is it hacks or is it something else, are people becoming much more disabled than they were?!”

Columnist Carole Malone added: “That really makes me sick. I’ve seen people get into the buggies because sometimes you have half a mile to walk before you get to the plane.

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“I’ve seen them do that and I actually want to say to them, ‘get out of that’ because my mum used to need one all the time and could never get one.”

Heathrow airport‘s chief executive John Holland-Kaye described this as “the wrong thing to be doing”.

He told LBC: “For passengers requiring wheelchair support we have more demand than we had before the pandemic.

“Why is that happening? Some of this is because people are using the wheelchair support to try to get fast-track through the airport.

A video showing a passenger skipping queues at Ibiza Airport, Spain, by feigning injury to get a wheelchair has been viewed 2.5 million times on TikTok.

The man is shown standing up and walking away after the flight.

Mr Holland-Kaye added that about half of arriving passengers who request

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People are booking in at hotels for the air con today as UK hits record temperatures

18 July 2022, 10:06

Brits are turning to hotels, churches and supermarkets as the country hits 40C today.

People in the UK are turning to hotels, churches and supermarkets during the heatwave.

Hotel bookings have surged this week, with guests booking in just to enjoy air conditioning.

The Met Office recently issued a red weather warning for extreme heat, urging people to stay inside as much as possible.

But with temperatures set to reach 40C in some parts of the country, people are now booking cheap hotels such as Premier Inn and Travelodge so they can sleep with air con.

People are <a href=booking into Premier Inn’s this week” class=”content-image” data-image-catalogue-id=”317068″ width=”660″ height=”370″ loading=”lazy” src=”” srcset=” 375w, 420w, 660w” sizes=” (max-width: 375px) 375px, (max-width: 420px) 420px, 660px”/
People are booking into Premier Inn’s this week.


One person admitted on Twitter: “About 10 mins away from booking a hotel so I can sleep with air con.”

Another wrote: “Booking into the Premier Inn as we speak for a few days of air con.”

“Anyone in London want to go halves on a hotel with aircon Mon and Tues night?!,” someone else asked.

While a fourth person said: “We are looking at setting records here in the UK this week. Likely 40°C (104°F). Almost no one has air conditioning and our infrastructure is not designed for this heat. I’ve found a hotel with air con to get me through this. Many can’t afford that. People and pets will die.”

A spokesman for Premier Inn added: “There is high demand for all our rooms at the moment.”

People are seeking relief from the <a href=heat” class=”content-image” data-image-catalogue-id=”317069″ width=”660″ height=”370″ loading=”lazy” src=”” srcset=” 375w, 420w, 660w” sizes=” (max-width: 375px) 375px, (max-width: 420px) 420px, 660px”/
People are seeking relief from the
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The Good, The Bad And The (Covid) Ugly

So you’ve waited two years to travel, heard the rumours of travel chaos but have booked anyway? The good news is that people are getting to destinations but the bad news is that arrivals might come after lots of cancellations and increased costs. And never mind that across Europe, travelers are coming up against fierce fires, heatwaves and rising infection rates of Covid-19.

The good news—people are getting away on their trips

It’s not so much a story as proof that the summer of revenge travel is here—after being locked up under strict Covid-19 regulations, many people are getting away:

  • 4th July was the biggest travel weekend for Americans since the summer after Y2K, as reported by Axios. 22 years later, on Friday 1 July, nearly 2.5 million people passed through U.S. airport security checkpoints.
  • Europe travel is booming. Spain, for instance, registered over 8 million international arrivals in June 2022, a jump of 85.5% from 2019 levels.

The bad news—lots of people aren’t getting away due to strikes and cancellations

Due to extreme staff shortages brought on by the pandemic, lots of strikes (for better pay/hours) and cancellations hit the Europe travel industry, with many people not making it to their destinations, or at least not on time:

  • 15,700 flights have been canceled by airlines across Europe for August—which accounts for 60% of all global flight cancellations, europe-airlines-cancel-over-15700-flights-scheduled-to-fly-in-august/” data-ga-track=”ExternalLink:” aria-label=”according to figures from Cirium”according to figures from Cirium.
  • London Heathrow airport has tried to limit the number of passengers that fly out of its terminals from 104,000 to 100,000 per day until September to try to curb the
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