Parliament adopts law on additional payments, vacations for soldiers

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a law on a new system of additional payments and vacations for military personnel.

Member of Parliament from the Holos (Voice) party Yaroslav Zhelezniak said this on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

According to him, 311 MPs voted for draft law No. 9342.

The law provides for the introduction of additional payments to conscripts in the amount of 6 000 UAH per month and to cadets – 2,350 UAH. The law keeps the provisions on the introduction of annual leave for military personnel for up to 30 days and up to 10 days for family reasons. Cadets will have up to 10 days of vacation in winter and up to 20 days in summer.

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The document prohibits participation in hostilities by mobilized soldiers who have not completed a basic military training course lasting at least one month.

After the first reading, the draft law was amended to provide that wounded soldiers who were declared unfit for military service and enlisted at the disposal of their respective commanders will be paid the same amount as they received in their last positions for the first two months. Starting from the third month and until the end of the order period, additional payments will reach UAH 20.100. Prior to the amendments, the draft law provided for additional payments of UAH 12.000.

Also, the families of those killed in action will receive a one-time payment of UAH 100 000.

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Seriously wounded in treatment, prisoners of war, and missing persons will receive a monthly additional remuneration of UAH 100 000.

The minimum additional payment for instructors will be UAH 15 000.

The law also provides for an increase

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