TSA PreCheck versus Global Entry: How to Choose

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Long lines. Taking shoes off. Taking out electronics. Scanners. These are just some of the hurdles we must navigate as air travelers these days. Is there a more efficient way to get through airport security lines? Absolutely. Read on to find out more about TSA precheck, Global Entry, CLEAR, and more trusted traveler programs. Find out which will work best for you and your family members…and for your budget!

TSA precheck security line.
PreCheck security lanes. Photo credit: Dee Dean

What are Trusted Traveler Programs?

Trusted Traveler Programs are a specific group of programs offered by the US Department of Homeland Security for travelers in and out of the United States. For a set fee, members can make use of expedited security screening lanes in US airports and when crossing international borders. TTPs simply make it easier for pre-approved travelers to navigate security lanes and board airplanes with a boarding pass in a relatively timely manner.

Some of the most recognizable Trusted Traveler Programs include:

  • TSA Precheck
  • Global Entry
  • Nexus
  • Sentri

Several of these programs have similar requirements, as well as notable differences. For the purposes of this post, we will cover the ones that pertain to air travel only, highlighting the perks for each one. Which is the right one for you? Let’s get started to find out!

Domestic Travel & Travel Into and Out of the US


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TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck

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