Adventures with Alan takes an e-bike tour of Colorado Springs

In our exclusive series Adventures with Alan, we’ll travel across Southern Colorado week-by-week to show you thrills and chills, hidden gems and well-known spots.

For our latest adventure, we meet up with Austin Quillin of Amp’d Adventures for an electric bike tour of some of the most recognizable places in Colorado Springs.

We meet up with him at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center.

It’s my first time riding one, so naturally, I’m curious to know how they work.

“These ones specifically run off of a peddle assist feature so as you peddle the bike, that’s when that motor kicks in to deliver more power,” said Quillin.

After some instruction and training, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Our tour begins at Garden of the Gods

From the visitor center, we make our way into the park, pulling over by Kissing Camels.

Here, we learn about the iconic rock formations that make up Garden of the Gods.

Back on our bikes, we leave Kissing Camels behind and ride uphill along Juniper Way Loop, and catch our first glimpse of the Cathedral Spires and the Central Garden.

“One of the most popular (tours) is the garden, glen combo. We visit Garden of the Gods. We maybe cover a few miles, but then we head over to Glen Eyrie,” said Quillin.

The historic Glen Eyrie Castle

Glen Eyrie Castle is the former home of General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs.

The canyon that it sits in features the same red rock formations as Garden of the Gods.

“Glen Eyrie is privately owned so it’s not as busy as the park and we tend to see some more wildlife when we visit there,” said Quillin.

We spot several wild turkeys and a hummingbird on the

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