TSA PreCheck: Everything You Need to Know [2023]

If you’ve traveled recently, you know what a headache airports can be. You have to squish your luggage into a tiny carry-on to avoid checked-bag fees. You have to scramble to find an outlet so your tablet doesn’t die mid-flight. And airport food is overpriced — and often just plain gross.

But the worst part of flying is probably dealing with airport security. There’s a reason even the best airports advise you to show up at least two hours before a domestic flight — it can sometimes take that long to make it through the security checkpoint and to your gate.

To avoid having to show up hours before your flight and stand in line, consider signing up for TSA PreCheck. If you fly often, signing up for TSA PreCheck is an excellent investment. And thanks to special offers from some credit cards, you can take advantage of this program for free.

Here is everything you need to know about TSA PreCheck, including its benefits, how to sign up, and how you can score a free membership.

What is TSA PreCheck?

In 2011, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) launched TSA PreCheck. It’s a program that pre-screens passengers and determines whether or not they’re a security risk. If they are approved for the program, TSA PreCheck members can speed through security checkpoints at select airports.

You can save a lot of time and stress by joining TSA PreCheck. According to the TSA, 92% of TSA Precheck passengers waited less than five minutes to get through security in June of 2019.

The benefits of TSA PreCheck

As a TSA PreCheck member, you still need to go through airport security. However, the process is much simpler than the one the

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