What are the best hotels and resorts in the US? Vote now

Whether you’re planning a vacation, honeymoon or business trip, selecting your hotel is about so much more than a place to sleep. The best hotels and resorts offer a variety of amenities, activities and dining options to ensure you have a perfect experience.

We’re looking for the best hotels, best hotel amenities and best resorts across the United States. So, we invited a panel of hotel and travel experts to nominate their top picks, and now we need your help selecting the 10 best in each category. Vote for your favorite once per day until voting ends on Monday, August 15 at noon ET. Check back on Friday, August 26, to find out who comes out on top.

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Best All-Inclusive Resort

Vote for your favorite all-inclusive resort

What’s more appealing: being in a stunningly beautiful place or not having to think about adding up prices once you arrive? The combo of the two is a winning recipe for a relaxing vacation. We asked a panel of travel experts to nominate their favorite all-inclusive resorts in the U.S., and we need you to help pick a winner.

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Best Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels offer an escape of their own

These 20 nominees for Best Boutique Hotel provide unique accommodations in the middle of some of the nation’s greatest destinations, complete with the best modern amenities and service. Which one gets your vote?

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Best Budget Hotel Brand

These budget-friendly hotel brands will make sure you have a great experience without breaking the bank

Lodging can easily become one of the greatest costs of travel, but you shouldn’t have to blow through your budget or stay in a tiny, boring room in order to save money. These 20 hotel brands combine affordable rates, plenty of amenities and even some freebies to set the scene for a comfortable and wallet-friendly stay – whether for business or pleasure. Vote

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