Dreamcatcher Didn’t Change Clothes During “Apocalypse: Save Us” Tour for a Good Reason

The members’ interactions with fans don’t stop there though. The group loves to check out what the fans, lovingly called InSomnia, are doing and saying online. “One fan drew us as game characters,” Su A recalls from an online interaction. Gahyeon also mentions that she’s seen fans draw the group as an Avengers-style superhero troupe, which was particularly exciting to her since she describes the group’s style as superhero-inspired.

Since their debut, Dreamcatcher have tried many different styles and visual concepts. Their latest concept for their song “Maison,” which is set in a climate change disaster-induced post-apocalyptic world, even brought them to experiment with one of fashion’s most divisive colors: khaki. “The outfits were originally khaki colored and we decided to change them to beige. We thought it was more avant-garde,” Handong explains. They regularly work with their stylists to make changes that they think are more suited for the group dynamic as a whole. 

By now, it’s clear that Dreamcatcher are not afraid of trying out new things so it begs the question: Is there anything they hadn’t tried yet that seems interesting? “I’d like to try a schoolgirl concept,” Yoohyeon answers without hesitation. There’s a bit of a mixed reaction from the rest of the members. “Oh, no,” says Ji U, and in contrast, Dami gasps and lets out the expression “daebak!,” which is used in Korean to express both excitement and astonishment. Whether that will happen or not, we’ll just have to wait and watch, but might we suggest dark academia as a compromise?

Editor’s note: This post has been updated.

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