Why paying a fee lets you skip airport security line (VIDEO)

Airport security lines are almost a given when traveling.

The Sept. 11 attacks led to the creation of government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, and federal regulations tightened up security in the aftermath.

Since then, how people get through security has continued to evolve. While they have figured out how to use state-of-the-art scanners and other technology, one very visible problem has stuck around.

“Here we are, 22 some odd years later, where we’re still trying to figure out how to keep the line short,” said Jeff Price, a professor of aviation at Metropolitan State University of Denver. “We’re still trying to figure out how to keep them moving. A lot of people don’t understand that moving the lines quickly is not just a efficiency function and a passenger experience element; it’s also a security element because the more passengers I have packed into a public area waiting to go through the screening process, the more vulnerable I am to things like suicide bombers, active shooters.”

Price knows this firsthand from his past experience as an assistant security director at Denver International Airport and as a manager of a smaller regional airport. He told Scripps News there are a few distinctions within security.

Most airports rely on the TSA to administer the process. A handful, including San Francisco and Kansas City, rely on private contractors, but they all adhere to tight TSA guidelines, making them all look the same in operation.

But the lines can look very different depending on the airport and how much a person is willing to pay.

A sign warns travelers not to bring guns through a TSA checkpoint.

Record number of guns seized by TSA: Here’s which airports fared worst

The agency reported that it confiscated 6,542 firearms in 2022. That’s an increase of 570 firearms over 2021.

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Popular Ride at Adventureland Is Now Closed For Good

Officials with Adventureland theme park tried their best to find ways to keep a popular ride safely operating. But in the end, the safest decision was to just shut it down for good.

KCCI reports letter

The Raging River ride has had a checkered past but really came under intense scrutiny after an accident during the summer of 2021. In July of that year, KCCI reports that Michael Jaramillo died while riding the attraction with his family. A raft capsized, trapping the family underneath the water. Michael’s brother and father were also injured. KCCI reports that the Jaramillo family has a lawsuit against the previous owners of Adventureland, seeking nearly $100 million in damages. The lawsuit contends that the Iowa Division of Labor should have found 17 safety violations on the Raging River prior to the deadly accident.

My family took many rides on the Raging River during our family trips to Adventureland. But after the accident in 2021 that claimed the life of Michael Jaramillo, we never rode it again. I’m guessing other park patrons felt the same way. Adventureland is making the right move here. Get rid of something inherently dangerous, and focus on the rides of the future.

The Restaurants & Stores Iowans Want to Come to the Corridor

If you could bring any chain restaurant or store to the area, which would it be? Here are some of the most popular responses from Iowans!

The Lions and Dogs of Brucemore Mansion

Howard Hall and his wife Margaret moved into Cedar Rapids’ Brucemore mansion in 1937. Over the course of 14 years, they owned three lions, all named Leo. Below are photos of those lions, and the family’s German Shepherds.

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New Go-Kart & Minature Golf Complex Coming To Evansville?

Evansville could be the home of a new indoor/outdoor facility where families can race go-karts and play miniature golf.

You hear some people say that there’s nothing for families to do in Evansville. I am one who disagrees with that statement. We have plenty of things to do such as Walther’s Golf & Fun, Bowling, cMOE, High Score Player Two, Bowling, Escape Rooms, Birdies, Burdette Park, and more. There are a lot of things to do here in Evansville, however, when I was growing up, there was one place that I used to love to visit. That place was Kart World. Evansville’s only go-kart track was located on Morgan Center Drive, in conjunction with Adventureland Golf, was a blast. I could have raced all day in those go-karts if my parents would have let me! However, Kart World closed down in the early 2000s leaving a void for those who enjoyed the thrill of racing their friends and family members in go-karts.

Ever since Kart World closed I have been hoping that another place like that would open up in the area. The closest place for public go-kart racing is in French Lick. However, that could soon change.

New Go-Kart Facility Eying Evansville

According to Evansville 411 News, a local developer is looking to bring a new go-kart and miniature golf complex to Evansville. My prayers have been answered! Evansville 411 News reports that the developer is looking to build the complex on Evansville’s east side and is in the early stages of planning. The complex details (as of this writing) include:

  • 6 miniature golf courses (18 holes each)
    • 3 indoor courses
    • 3 outdoor courses
  • 2 go-kart tracks
    • 1 indoor track
    • 1 outdoor track

I don’t know about you, but I am all for this happening. Since this

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Adventureland Has Announced 2 New Rides for 2023


Adventureland has announced not one, but TWO new rides arriving in 2023! The post reads:

“The first leg of the Viking invasion happens by sea. Introducing DRAKEN FALLS, a next-generation flume ride coming to Adventureland in 2023!

One new ride isn’t enough – Adventureland guests deserve two! Get ready for FLYING VIKING, a frenetically fun family coaster that’s made better by weaving together with DRAKEN FALLS for two incredible, uniquely themed attractions arriving next summer.”

You can get more details on both new rides HERE.


Get ready for some big news from Adventureland!

Earlier this week, Adventureland Park in Altoona made an interesting post on social media. The photo showed a Viking helmet sitting in the dirt, with the caption:

“We unearthed something interesting at the site of our 2023 adventure. What could it mean? Stay tuned, more news is sure to come soon!”

Just one day later (August 4th), Adventureland gave us another clue as to what the announcement will be! They posted a scenic, 15 second video featuring Vikings that reads:

“They’re coming – by land and by sea. The Viking Invasion. Hang on to your helmet. Adventureland 2023.”

The posts make it pretty clear that a new Viking-themed ride will be arriving next year, but what kind of ride? Adventureland fans have been speculating in the comments. Facebook user Rob Howe wrote,Zamperla family rollercoaster and log flume combo?” Another commenter, Kayla Coon, said, “New water ride like the log ride I hope.” User Logan Ingersoll added, It must be a Water Coaster.” Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure until next week. Adventureland promises, “the journey to 2023’s new adventure begins Tuesday, August 9!”

Adventureland has made all sorts of changes this past year. Three older rides, Lighthouse,

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Campbell County briefs: Back Roads Farm Tour, rain barrel give-away, Friends of Library book sale

Campbell County Back Roads Farm Tour

A free self-guided driving tour” — the Back Roads Farm Tour — will be Saturday, July 16, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., rain or shine.

Campbell County Conservation District presents the Campbell County Back Roads Farm Tour on Saturday, July 16.  The tour is an opportunity to see “working farms in action.”  The Tour is unique, educational, cultural, and a FREE family-fun event.

The free tour takes you to agricultural operations located around Campbell County. Guests can explore vineyards, equestrian centers, beef cattle operations, and horticultural operations. They will also get a glimpse of the importance of preserving the county’s prime farmland.

Farmers will be available to share their stories and experience as well as answer any questions. Many of the stops will have items such as produce, wine, crafts, and other farm products for sale, so don’t forget to bring a cooler and cash.

For additional information, please visit: campbellkyconservation.org or call 859-635-9587.

See the brochure here.

Rain barrel give-away

FREE Systern Rain Barrel Give-Away will be held Saturday, July 23rd – Noon-2 p.m. for Campbell County Residents ONLY at the Newport Public Works Garage – 114 East 11th Street. Pre-Registration is required.

The Campbell County Cooperative Extension Service in conjunction with the City of Newport is conducting this event to promote water conservation within the county.

One barrel per residence – ID required for property owner and must match the address that barrel is registered to in order to participate in the give-away.

Call 859-572-2600 for additional information and to Pre-Register.

Campbell County Library

The Friends of the Library will have a used book sale from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. in the Friends Room on the lower level of the Newport Branch on Thursday July 14 and Friday July 15.

The cost is 25 cents

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