The Best 11 Fantasy Books for Your Summer Vacation

Escapist fiction is the summertime staple we can’t get enough of. Why? Because there’s just something about taking a deep dive into myth and magic that feels like a vacation. What follows is a roundup of eleven summertime reads that will transport you to ancient mythological realms, alternate timelines where gods wage war, time-traveling circuses and other romantic worlds for an epic getaway of the mind.

Psyche and Eros by Luna McNamara

‘Psyche and Eros’.. HarperCollins

Psyche and Eros summons Lore Olympus in this romantic Greek retelling of Cupid and warrior princess Psyche. Set in Ancient Greece, Luna McNamara weaves the story of how Eros met Psyche–from the formation of the gods to the princess born to slay monsters. One can’t help but fall for the characters when Eros, upon first looking at Psyche, whispers a hilariously doomed “fuck.” A lighthearted book that gives readers a glimpse into the gendered world of Olympian gods by adding a little bit of a sociological flavor to ancient mythological magic.

To Shape a Dragon’s Breath by Moniquill Blackgoose

‘To Shape a Dragon’s Breath’. Penguin Random House

If you’re itching for more dragon fiction, the very best is Moniquill Blackgoose’s To Shape a Dragon’s Breath. When Anequs finds a dragon egg on the shore of her whaling village, she is destined to liberate her people from their colonizers. She’s taken to be trained at a magical dragon academy that is a mixture of Viking and Victorian industrialism. This is for readers wanting revolutionary fire and a taste of romance.

The Jasad Heir by Sara Hashem

‘The Jasad Heir’. Hachette Book Group

The Jasad Heir is the type of mythological and romantic tale you would bargain your last breath for. Sara Hashem’s Egyptian-inspired debut follows the hidden heir of a destroyed kingdom as she’s

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