A Shorter Wait at RDU Airport for Those Willing to Provide Fingerprints and Eye Scans

CLEAR, a company that uses eye scans and fingerprints to verify people’s identification and let them bypass a step at airport security checkpoints, has come to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

CLEAR kiosks are now found outside Transportation Security Administration checkpoints in both terminals at RDU. Travelers who create a company profile using an ID and their biometric information can check in at the kiosks and avoid having to wait in line to show identification to a TSA agent.

Those who pass through the CLEAR lane can go straight to the TSA screening area, but membership in CLEAR is not a substitute for going through the checkpoint. It’s also not the same as the TSA PreCheck program, which screens people in advance and puts them in a database that allows them to go through a different checkpoint lane with a shorter line and faster screening process.

CLEAR members pay $16 per month, billed annually, though there are discounts for veterans, active military, some government officials and people with certain credit cards or airline miles programs. Kids under 18 are free, if they’re with an adult member.

RDU becomes the 50th airport in the country to offer CLEAR; others include nine of the top 10 destinations for RDU passengers. Kasra Moshkani, executive vice president for operations, said the company could see that a significant number of its members were flying through RDU every day.

“We also get a ton of requests from existing members, tens of thousands who already actually live in the Research Triangle area, to come to Raleigh-Durham,” Moshkani said in an interview.

People can enroll in CLEAR at one set of kiosks at the airport. A company employee, called an ambassador, will walk them through the process, which includes iris and fingerprint scans and a scan of

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Travellosa Bringing Travelers, Adventure Seekers, and Mobile Businesspeople Affordable Flight, Car Rental, and Hotel Deals

Travellosa is a premier American provider of travel booking services, connecting its clients with the leading flight services, vehicle rental agencies, and hotel managers, offering the best deals in the hospitality industry.

Traveling abroad is a necessity for some, enjoyment for others, and in today’s times, a luxury for most. Global inflation rates have affected both the spending power of consumers and the prices of companies operating in the travel industry. 

Travellosa, a premier American travel company came to the scene to enable people wishing to travel without breaking the bank to find affordable plane tickets, lodging options, and vehicle rentals. 

The main advantage Travellosa offers to its customers is access to the best and cheapest travel deals, offered in partnership with the leading enterprises and companies working in the travel & hospitality space. 

Travellosa’s spokesperson conveyed that this firm is on a mission to ensure its customers have options that are as affordable as they are diverse. By leveraging years of combined experience, Travellosa’s experts are able to create exquisite bespoke travel packages capable of catering to the needs of each client, stating the following:

“We aim to offer our customers a variety of the latest hotels and the best flight deals. We’ve come a long way, so we know exactly which direction to take when supplying you with high quality yet budget-friendly products. We offer all of this while providing excellent customer service and friendly support,” the company’s spokesperson said.

Travellosa is streamlining the way travelers pick their flights and hotels by offering a comprehensive on-page search tool. All of the company’s customers can use this free tool to input the desired starting location, destination, departure & return dates, flight class, and the number of passengers. 

Strategic partnerships with flight, hotel and car rental providers across all compass

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Away expands into outdoor travel

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Dive Brief:

  • Looking for growth outside of its core suitcases, Away on Wednesday introduced F.A.R — For All Routes, a new line of outdoor travel products, according to a company press release
  • The line includes duffle bags, backpacks, tote bags, messenger bags, organizational cubes and pouches. Available in black, navy, green, white and other colors, the products are made of recycled materials, including nylon and polyester. 
  • The line will be available Tuesday online and in Away’s 13 stores in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada. In partnership with tiny cabin provider Getaway, Away is also giving away a free two-night stay at a Getaway Outpost for shoppers who buy a F.A.R product in stores before July 7.

Dive Insight:

With F.A.R, Away said it aims to refresh a “traditionally utilitarian category.” Jen Rubio, CEO and co-founder of Away, said in a statement that the brand is trying to meet evolving consumer tastes.

“During the pandemic, the trend of increasing interest in outdoor travel significantly accelerated,” Rubio said. “That shift, coupled with growing excitement for travel as a whole, has resulted in customer demand reaching new heights. With the insight that over half of travelers expect their post-pandemic trips to be different — including a strong desire to reconnect with nature, adventure, and the outside — we developed F.A.R to enable our customers, both new and existing, to take more types of trips with Away.”

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Away, much like it has the rest of the travel industry. In April 2020, the company cited the pandemic as the reason why it laid off 10% of its staff and furloughed roughly half of the team. Leading up to

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