8 Travel Memberships Worth Having

Travel is tons of fun, especially if you have some good travel membership cards in your pocket. You see, seeing the world can get expensive pretty quickly. Not only that, it’s nice to know someone has your back while you’re out exploring! This is where your travel memberships come into play.

Travel Memberships Worth Having

Travel memberships are a great way to save money, give yourself a little peace of mind, and even find a community while traveling. There are memberships for pretty much every kind of traveler, and investing in a few of them can make your travels a more relaxing and fun experience.

Not sure which travel clubs and cards are best for you? In this article, we will discuss our very favorite travel memberships in order to help you decide which ones might work best for you. 

This post is brought to you by Good Sam.

Good Sam TravelAssist

Good Sam Travel Assist

Good Sam TravelAssist is the perfect membership for those who are concerned about the cost of getting needed medical care while traveling. While this travel service is not medical insurance and does not cover your medical expenses, it does help reduce out-of-pocket costs associated with medical emergencies that arise while traveling. 

Wondering what sorts of things the plan covers? You can expect help with transportation home after an emergency, the cost of transferring to a second hospital, and assistance with ensuring that pets and travel companions are taken care of in case of emergency.

The coverage offered by this plan is valid worldwide, meaning it can be used even when traveling internationally, and there are plans for individuals, couples, families, and those traveling with pets. 

Benefits of This Membership 

Some benefits of the Good Sam TravelAssist membership include:

  • Medical evacuation
  • Transportation home after stabilization
  • Flights home for travel companions
  • Airfare for a
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Inflated Fuel Prices Cause Airfares to Climb, But You Can Still Find Cheap Flights


The fuel prices are at record highs and that is affecting every aspect of our lives. Airplane fares are incredibly high due to inflated fuel prices and show no signs of coming down anytime soon.

Therefore, you have to look for ways to travel cheaply and save money. Finding cheap flights is not as easy as it seems. You have to know the tricks and strategies to help you save the airfare. The following are ways to still find cheap flights despite extremely high airfare: 

Use Budget Airlines

When airfares get expensive, it is best to find alternatives to your usual options, and in this case, that means using budget airlines. Budget airlines are airlines that can usually price airline tickets much lower than competitors due to a particular advantage.

They may also offer fewer services like no food, or travelers can compromise on something like leg room for reduced airfare. Depending on the country and airport of arrival or departure, evaluate as many similar flights from budget airlines as possible. Be ready to be adaptable when using budget airlines, and don’t expect the quality you experience on other airlines. 

Find The Cheapest Days To Fly

If you want to pay less for airfare in this environment, finding the cheapest days to fly would be best. Airplane tickets can vary dramatically depending on the day of the week or the time of the year. Therefore, be ready to be flexible about your flight days and times.

Use a flight tracker to determine which times are the best to fly. You may have to book ticket weeks or months in advance if it gives you the best deal on airfare.

A flight that departs at 4 a.m is likely to cost less than one that takes off at 9

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Are there any end-of-summer travel deals left?

2022 has been the summer of the “flightmare”. Every weekend comes reports of hundreds (if not thousands) of canceled flights, lost luggage, and long delays.

It all had traveler Tamara Mims very nervous.

“My flight doesn’t leave till 4, so I am having a little anxiety about it being delayed,” she said, rushing to catch her fight.

On top of all the problems, ticket prices are up 25% over last summer, according to the government’s most recent price data. So what can you do if you were hoping for an end-of-summer deal?

The first thing to do is to lessen your chances of getting stuck somewhere, or at home, with your vacation flight canceled.

Make sure you get there on time

To improve your chances of avoiding delays, Caroline Teel of SmarterTravel.com says:

  • Avoid connecting flights, which double your chance of a problem.
  • Don’t check a bag if possible.
  • Book a morning flight. And never the last flight of the day.

“Try to get the first flight of the day if you can,” Teel said. “I know no one wants to wake up and get a 4 am taxi to the airport, but you are so much less likely to be delayed if you are on that first flight.”

Where are the end-of-summer deals?

Normally by late July, airlines and hotels start lowering prices for late August travel. But there are fewer deals this year.

Soaring jet fuel prices, pilot and other staffing shortages, and higher-than-normal demand this year are all contributing to high prices, as well as a record number of delays and cancellations.

Unfortunately, those same factors are why it’s also tough to find some end-of-summer deals this year, as there are so few empty seats that airlines need to fill.

Lousson Smith of Scott’s

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