14 fast-charging stations for electric vehicles go into operation

Fourteen new vehicle DC Fast Charging stations funded by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control have gone into service.

Grants were awarded to several businesses and one Delaware municipality. The chargers will be accessible to the public 24 hours a day and users will pay a fee for powering their vehicles.

The 14 project locations represent a variety of charging location types and manufacturers and are located throughout the state.

The projects selected for funding will be in downtown areas, shopping centers, hotels and traditional fueling areas.

“These charging stations represent the first wave of major investments in Delaware to build out a network of reliable and convenient fast electric vehicle charging stations for our residents and visitors” said Shawn M. Garvin, DNREC Secretary. “It doesn’t stop here. DNREC and DelDOT are working together on an electric vehicle infrastructure plan that will guide future investments and programs to ensure a smooth transition to a cleaner, more equitable transportation system.”

Transportation is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in Delaware, according to DNREC. Building out the state’s charging network will accommodate the growing number of electric vehicle.

The funding builds upon Delaware Clean Transportation Incentive Programs, which include rebates for light-duty vehicles and Level 2 charging stations. Funding for the DC Fast Charging Stations comes from the Environmental Mitigation Trust, a negotiated settlement between Volkswagen and the federal government.

The installations come amid a controversy over a plan to end sales of gas-powered vehicles in 2035. Republican legislators are leading the charge to halt the ban, which would also require dealers to have more than a third of their new vehicles on the lot to be EVs. Court challenges are also expected.

Electric vebicles, other than vehicles from Tesla, have been in short supply and are

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Electric vehicles: Man exposes glaring flaw in long-distance road trips

The exceeding wait times for a car charging station might be the biggest flaw in the rapid rise of electric vehicles in Australia.

A number of Aussies have reported issues in landing a spot to recharge mid-trip in recent months, as sales hit all-time highs Down Under.

Jonathan Ross, a car reviewer, recently expressed his difficulties in finding a charging station in Perth for a $100,000 Kia EV6 electric car.

Ross documented his journey and review of the vehicle for his YouTube channel, Ross Reviews.

In the video, Ross can be seen driving to four different locations before finally finding a suitable charging station where he had to wait for about an hour for the battery to reach 80 per cent after waiting in a queue.

Ross expressed his frustration with the lack of available charging stations and the fact that the cost of recharging is equivalent to petrol.

He also showed his disappointment after driving five kilometres to an inadequate charging station that was only suitable for an electric scooter.

“It’s f***ing. It’s crazy man. This is what you call clown world,” he said in a recent TikTok video.

“Everyone here is waiting an hour and queuing up and waiting for others to charge.

“We’re still going to have to pay, you know, the same as petrol. Clown world.”

Social media users have also expressed their disappointment in the lack of available charging stations and their unwillingness to switch from petrol cars.

This growing frustration is becoming common among electric car owners in Australia, and Tesla drivers have faced similar issues during the Christmas holidays, with long queues at charging stations spotted nationwide.

However, an exclusive brief prepared for News Corp by Monash University’s Climate Change Communication Research Hub reveals the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) surged in

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11 Best Prime Day Travel Deals (2022): Luggage, Travel Adapters, and More

Fuel costs are up, airline ticket prices have left the stratosphere, and even finding a seat on a train is a challenge lately. But don’t have that dream vacation that you’ve been planning for two years! Instead, check out these Prime Day deals on electrical outlet adapters, device chargers, and more travel gadgets to save yourself a little time and money.

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Device Adapter and Charger Deals

Few things start a trip off on the wrong foot than arriving at your hotel and finding you can’t recharge your devices. Check out our guides to the Best Travel Adapters and Best Wireless Chargers to make sure you won’t run out of juice the moment you land.

Twelve South Plugbug Duo

Photograph: Twelve South

The MacBook’s power brick is an ungainly beast. If you’re lugging one around with you on your travels, you might not feel like packing a whole other bulky adapter. The PlugBug slips right on top of your existing Apple charger and works with outlets in 150 countries, and has two USB-A ports for charging other devices on top of that.

Forget juggling a bunch of individual cables to charge all your devices. This interconnected folding charger lets you charge up to three devices wirelessly while keeping them all bundled in

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