Try These 4 Travel Deal Sites for Your Next Vacation

Travelling offers many unique opportunities and lifelong memories, but the costs can be sky-high! Nowadays, it’s often best to use a booking site to find the best deals. Because there are so many options, the sites you choose should fit your preferred method for searching/filtering deals and should also frequently offer the best prices. Here are some lesser-known sites to try next time you’re looking for a cheaper flight or hotel room.

Google Flights

Like everything else Google-related, Google Flights delivers lots of detailed information without many frills. Booking airfare through this site allows you to quickly see how different routes, days, and times will impact the price of your flights. If you’re a bit flexible in your travel dates and specific route (especially for longer distances), Google Flights will help you find the perfect combination for the lowest price.


Kayak is a travel deal aggregator that covers both hotels and flights (along with cruises, vacation packages, car rentals, and more). It’s your best one-stop-shop bet for finding good deals. After inputting your travel information, Kayak searches hundreds of other travel websites (including other discount booking sites) to return the best deals. Their published average discount rate relies on consistently displaying the best option, even if that comes from a competitor’s site.

Photo: Ivan Kruk via 123RF


Another deal aggregator, Travelzoo operates like Kayak and displays deals from various booking sites, including competitors. Travelzoo’s weekly Top 20 email is a great way to scan for the best upcoming deals if your travel plans are flexible. So, this site is an excellent option for various trips, both scheduled and spontaneous!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

If you’re looking for boutique hotels and unique travel experiences—but at a discount—Mr. & Mrs. Smith is your booking best friend. This

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