11 Best Prime Day Travel Deals (2022): Luggage, Travel Adapters, and More

Fuel costs are up, airline ticket prices have left the stratosphere, and even finding a seat on a train is a challenge lately. But don’t have that dream vacation that you’ve been planning for two years! Instead, check out these Prime Day deals on electrical outlet adapters, device chargers, and more travel gadgets to save yourself a little time and money.

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Device Adapter and Charger Deals

Few things start a trip off on the wrong foot than arriving at your hotel and finding you can’t recharge your devices. Check out our guides to the Best Travel Adapters and Best Wireless Chargers to make sure you won’t run out of juice the moment you land.

Twelve South Plugbug Duo

Photograph: Twelve South

The MacBook’s power brick is an ungainly beast. If you’re lugging one around with you on your travels, you might not feel like packing a whole other bulky adapter. The PlugBug slips right on top of your existing Apple charger and works with outlets in 150 countries, and has two USB-A ports for charging other devices on top of that.

Forget juggling a bunch of individual cables to charge all your devices. This interconnected folding charger lets you charge up to three devices wirelessly while keeping them all bundled in

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