5 Reasons Why Catching Flights Now Has Us Catching Feelings

We’re knee-deep in summer and some of us are anticipating our beach getaways and European excursions coming up within the next couple of weeks. All the major news outlets are telling us how hectic flights are at every major airport in the world. But you’ve put in your days at work and you’re getting pumped to hit that island destination anyway. Travel Noire wants to give you a heads up on what to expect once you arrive at your favorite airport. Here are five reasons why catching flights now has us catching feelings.

Pricing & Refunds

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Ever since the COVID-19 mandates have been lifted there’s been a spike in airline ticket prices. Unfortunately, the service isn’t reflective of what we’re paying for. Not to mention, refund policies have become stricter than those of the previous year. You can forget about asking for refunds when it comes to third-party sites such as Kayak or eDreams, and economy airlines such as Frontier and Spirit also have surcharges for last-minute ticket changes that make it cheaper to just buy a whole new ticket. Switching dates on your airline tickets come with astronomical fees, in many cases, it would be in your favor to click “YES” to insurance on your ticket purchases.

Airlines Enforcing “No Show” Policy

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Let’s say on your European excursion ending in Italy, you decide to stay a little longer on a stopover in Lisbon without notifying your airline, they will automatically cancel all of your tickets within that flight itinerary and you would need to purchase your connecting and returning flights all over again. Also, take into consideration you will not be eligible for a refund on any of the flights that were automatically canceled. Make sure to read the “Contract of Carriage” section in

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