New York City’s Plaza Hotel Just Launched A $19,000 Picnic Experience

Summer is the perfect time to spend time outdoors with the family or a loved one. And there’s no more classic way of enjoying that than by planning a picnic. But what if that traditional pastime was more than just some basic sandwiches? What if it was one of the most luxurious experiences ever. Well, that’s precisely what The Plaza Hotel just did by announcing The Elevated Plaza Hamptons Picnic, which comes with a hefty price tag of a cool $19,000.

What makes a picnic cost so much? Well, you take a private helicopter from Manhattan to The Hamptons for your lunch. Once you arrive at the ritzy beach town, you head to the beach where the Plaza already has an over-the-top picnic set up. You start with a glass of champagne before moving on to the decadent seafood options like Little Neck Clams and Peconic oysters to shrimp cocktails or caviar blinis. And for the picnic finale, you’ll get to chow down on steamed lobster with lemon wedges and truffle butter.

When the day ends, the picnic experts will handle the packing as you fly back to your Castle on Central Park South. You can soak in the scenery along the way as Wings Air will provide a private tour overlooking some of Manhattan’s most sought attractions.

If the $19,000 price tag is too much to swallow, there is a cheaper option. Although, it’s also not exactly cheap. As part of the partnership with Perfect Picnic NYC, the hotel created the Perfect Plaza Picnic, which is an alfresco dining experience in famous Central Park.

This option includes walking through Central Park to Gapstow Bridge, where a luxurious picnic set-up is

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