Many restaurants closed for breaks, vacations

The Fourth of July is typically the holiday around which many Wichita restaurant owners plan their vacations or extended breaks.

Though many of us will have to work on Monday, it might be difficult to find a place to eat out. Lots of restaurants are making this weekend a long one by closing both Monday and Tuesday. Others are taking longer breaks.

Following is a list of Wichita restaurants you’ll find closed if you visit in the near future. Many others are closed just on Tuesday, July 4, so be sure to check before you make the trip.

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Closed for a long holiday weekend

Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant, 3141 S. Hillside: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Delano BBQ Co., 710 W. Douglas: Closed Monday and Tuesday

The Donut Whole, 1720 E. Douglas: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Jumbo’s Beef & Brew, 3750 N. Woodlawn: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Local Roasters Coffee, 2828 E. Douglas: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Louis Rose Hill Cafe, 107 S. Rose Hill Road, Rose Hill: Closed Monday and Tuesday

N&J Cafe, 5600 E. Lincoln: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Pig In Pig Out BBQ, 1003 E. 13th St.: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Saigon, 1103 N. Broadway: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Sam and Nancy’s, 151 N. Main: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, 1725 E. Douglas: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Whisky Dicks, 801 S. Seneca: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Yokohama Ramen Joint, 613 W. Douglas, and Yokohama Ramen Izakaya, 6434 E. Central: Both closed Tuesday and Wednesday

Station 8 BBQ will be closed for a break Wednesday through July 11.

Station 8 BBQ will be closed for a break Wednesday through July 11.

Closed for vacation

Buster’s Burger Joint, 1202 E. Macarthur: Closed now through July 10

Felipe’s, 3434 W Central and 119th & Maple: Closed now through July 11

Felipe’s, 2241 N. Woodlawn: Closed now through Wednesday

FioRito Ristorante, 3134 E. Douglas: Closed Sunday through July 6

Goyo’s Mexican Fast Food, 5355 N. Broadway, Park City: Closed now through Wednesday

Grandma Thuy’s, 8728 W. Maple: Closed Sunday through July 17

Little Saigon, 1015 N. Broadway: Closed Monday through July 17

Molino’s Cuisine, 1064 N. Waco: Closed Monday through July 9

Perfect Plate, 5255 N. Maize Road, Maize, and Perfect Plate Garvey, 220 W. Douglas: Closed now through Wednesday. Reopening on Thursday

Pho Chopstix, 2233 N. Ridge Road: Closed now through July 10

Pho Special, 2409 E. Pawnee: Closed now through July 12

Shanghai, 3815 E. Harry: Closed Saturday through July 12

Station 8 BBQ, 1100 E. Third St.: Closed Wednesday through July 11.

Tacos tj 664, 1014 N. West St., and Tacos tj 664 East, 3526 N. Rock Road: Closed Sunday through July 9

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