2023 Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show: Get your free ticket

Learn how to travel like a local tourist everywhere you go at the 2023 Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show!

Since I’m a travel writer, it should come as no surprise that I love the Travel and Adventure Show. It’s an incredible way to find new destinations, and new reasons to visit places I’ve been before.

I’ve been exhibiting at the show since 2015, and have been speaking since 2019—including when they had to go virtual.

To say I’m a fan is an understatement.

Why do I love this show so much? It’s not only the excitement of planning future travels; it’s because everyone is so darn happy.

As an exhibitor, I get to talk to hundreds, nay, thousands of people. Many of them have become friends. It’s a true pleasure to see so many like-minded travelers in one place.

In 2023, I’ll be exhibiting and speaking in Los Angeles for the first time. I’m so excited I have to sit on my hands to keep from clapping (and if you know me, you know that’s not an exaggeration).

As a participant, I get to offer attendees a code for a discount. I also get a limited number of free tickets to the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show.

To get your free tickets, there’s a catch: you have to be a Local Tourist.

How, you ask, can you become a Local Tourist? Easy! Scroll all the way down and sign up for Wanderlust Weekly, my weekly newsletter filled with travel inspiration and tips. Once you’ve confirmed your email, you’ll get a link to get your free ticket.

Don’t go yet, though! First I’d like to give you some tips for attending the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show.

Casa de Coronado Motor Hotel Museum
Historic Coronado Motor Hotel Museum in Yuma, Arizona, one of many exhibitors at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show

7 Tips for Attending the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show

1. Check the Speaker Schedule

Before you go, visit travelshows.com to see who’s speaking when. That way you won’t miss Rick Steves helping you gain European Travel Skills, or learning how to plan an East African safari, or Pauline Frommer’s suggestions for Life Changing Vacations that Won’t Break the Bank.

You also won’t miss me! I’m on the Savvy Traveler state at 4:15pm on Saturday, helping you Plan your PERFECT Road Trip.

2. Pick out your must-stop Exhibitor booths

Floor plan at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show 2023

There are a ton of destinations and travel companies exhibiting at the show. They’re literally from all over the world.

Before you go, check the list of exhibitors and review the floor plan. If there are some places you know you must see while you’re there (like Booth 1346, ahem, ahem), make a note of them. You can even print out the floor plan.

3. Bring a water bottle

Convention centers are often dry, and you’ll probably be talking to a lot of people. Bring a water bottle so you can fill up throughout the day.

4. Wear comfortable shoes

You’re going to be doing a lot of walking. Skip the slick footwear and wear something comfortable. (Which can also be slick,.)

5. Bring stickers and/or business cards

Huh? Bring stickers?

There are a LOT of giveaways and contests at the show. As someone who does the data entry after each time I’ve exhibited, I can tell you the best way to be sure someone can read your information is to type it on a sticker.

Include your name, your address, and your email. Some places may also require a phone number.

After the last show, we’d received at least thirty entries that I couldn’t read, which meant they took the time to enter, but I had no way to include them in the drawing. They’re probably wondering what happened to me, but there’s nothing I can do.

Business cards also make contest entry easy.

6. Bring a small bag

While many exhibitors give away bags, it’s a good idea to bring your own. That way you’ll have a spot to put all those brochures, flyers, tchotchkes, and books you purchase (like, say, Planning Your Perfect Road Trip, which is discounted at the show).

Theresa Goodrich holding up her book at her booth at the Denver Travel and Adventure Show

Check the Los Angeles Convention Center’s policies on accepted items.

7. Have fun!

The Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show is FUN!

What can you do at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show?

At the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show, you can explore thousands of vacation options to top destinations from around the globe.

Meet one-on-one with travel experts who will help you find, plan and book your next vacation. Uncover travel deals and show-only specials.

I’ve been exhibiting at the Travel and Adventure Show for years, and it’s one of my favorite events. Not only do I get to meet hundreds, if not thousands, of like-minded travelers, but I also find new destinations to visit.

Badlands National Park - pink and blue sunset
Evening in Badlands National Park in South Dakota. The state’s tourism board will be at the show.

Because of the Travel and Adventure Show, I’ve had incredible experiences at destinations I connected with at the show.

A few include taking a heritage train ride in Arizona, visiting Ridgeland Mississippi (with a side trip to a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and eating all the cherries in Traverse City, Michigan.

And I only get about an hour to walk the floor, if that! Lucky you, you can take all day, or all weekend.

In 2023, I’ll also be speaking and exhibiting at the Chicago and Denver Travel & Adventure Shows.

What is the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show?

This show is a bonanza for travelers. Exhibitors travel from literally all over the world to showcase their destinations.

Not only will you get to discover new places to visit, you’ll also save money on your vacations. Exhibitors offer discounts, and there are tons of giveaways.

One of the best parts of the show is the seminars. They’ve got three stages and the schedule’s packed. You’ll get to hear expert advice and learn to travel like an insider from dozens of educational seminars, from celebrities including Rick Steves, Peter Greenberg, Pauline Frommer, and more.

Other speakers will teach you even more travel tips and provide inspiration for your adventures.

In 2023, I’ll be at the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show, too. My topic? Planning your Perfect Road Trip!

Theresa Travel and Adventure Show Los Angeles and Denver 2023

There’s nothing like jumping in the car for an adventure, and right now road trips are more popular than ever. I’m an inveterate road trip enthusiast who’s traveled thousands of miles to tell the stories of America’s treasures.

In 2023, I’m celebrating the twenty-first year of TheLocalTourist.com. I’m also the author of Planning Your Perfect Road Trip, Living Landmarks of Chicago and the Two Lane Gems book series, and publisher of (and contributor to) Midwest Road Trip Adventures, 2nd Edition.

In this fun and energetic session, I’ll be sharing my best road trip planning tips for your perfect road trip adventure, including saving money during your travels, how not to kill your road trip partner, and doing it all safely.

Whether you’re looking to drive cross-country or just need a weekend getaway, you’ll learn how to plan an experience you’ll love.

Bonus: everyone who attends will get access to a free e-book with tips and tricks for planning an amazing road trip.

Visit travelshows.com for a full seminar lineup and additional event information.

Bighorn Lake in Bighorn Canyon. Reflection of canyon in blue water
Bighorn Lake, one of the many things to do in Billings, Montana

I’m also exhibiting, so stop by my booth and enter to win my books. I’ll be signing books, too. AND we always have bribery – er, I mean – candy.

We’re at Booth 1346 across from the Savvy Traveler state, which is super convenient, since that’s where I’m speaking at 4:15pm on Saturday. Be sure to pen me in!

When is the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show?

The 2023 Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show takes place on the following dates and times:

  • February 18, 10am to 5pm
  • February 19, 11am to 4pm

Where is the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show?

The Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show is at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown LA.

How much is the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show?

Tickets in advance are $16 for one day and $24 if you want to attend both Saturday and Sunday. However, check below and you can attend the show for free!

Get discounted tickets to the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show.

Use code LOCALTOURIST23 to get $10 one-day tickets!

Get a free ticket to the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show

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Make the first stop on your next vacation the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show – February 18 and 19, 2023, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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